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Symptom relief for 80% of women
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1000’s of 5 star reviews
Five stars in a row to denote a five star rating.
I have never had a doctor I could talk to like this. I wish the whole medical field would go to this system, so much more efficient and effective. Thank you for giving me that feeling of control and security, most doctors would have been uncontactable and wouldn’t have cared if I had my meds. I will continue to recommend you to every woman I know.”
-Michele T.
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Proven Results

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Proven Results

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Source: The Evernow 2021 Menopause Study – collected from over 40,000 women.
Hot flashes
reduction by month 1
94% by month 2
Sleep disruption:
reduction by month 2
70% by month 5
Weight changes:
reduction by month 2
Painful sex:
reduction by month 2
Brain fog:
reduction by month 2
63% by month 4
Skin/Hair changes:
improvement by month 1
84% by month 2
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Source: The Evernow 2021 Menopause Study – collected from over 40,000 women.
Four easy steps for relief

What to expect with Evernow?

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Tell us about your symptoms
Create an account with Evernow and complete a 5 minute online consultation.
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Receive a personalized prescription
Receive an immediate recommendation based on your answers and a medical professional will prescribe the best solution for you.
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Shipping direct to your door
We’ll deliver your prescription, monthly.
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Here whenever you need us
Contact your Evernow medical provider to check-in, cancel, or have your treatment adjusted.
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Medical Director Dr. Emily Hu
Our medical team is led by Dr. Emily Hu, an OBGYN with 15 years of clinical experience.

Tried & Trusted by Real Women


Five stars in a row to denote a five star rating.
Thank you Evernow
“I’ve been using the patches for just over 2 months. I sleep better, no more night sweats, hot flashes are gone and dryness has improved. I know full effects can take a few months, but so far this has greatly improved my quality of life. Kudos to your staff they’re amazing. The communication is fantastic. Plus I’m eligible for discount through my insurance, that was a super great bonus!”


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Evernow is an answer to my prayers.
“It helps me to feel me again. It helps me take care of myself so that I can take care of my family. I like that there are solutions to what women my age suffers. I like that there is a dedicated health practitioner that monitors my treatment. I like that I get timely answers and helpful advice. I feel heard, take care of by my mental health practitioner.”


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It is a game changer.
“Just when I was at my wits end with menopause, Evernow has given me the upper hand. My hot flashes and night sweats are GONE!!! My mood swings have leveled out, and my libido is back. Overall, I feel like a whole new person.”


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I have a doctor I can talk to!!
“I have my 2 best girlfriends with you guys now, we talk about how caring and amazing Evernow is. I have never had a doctor I could talk to like this. I wish the whole medical field would go to this system.”


Five stars in a row to denote a five star rating.
I have my life back!
“For those still debating, I started 3 weeks ago. I know we are all different: Have different skin types, different menopausal issues which bother us more than maybe another person, but for me, the hot flashes and brain fog have been my biggest battle. Now? I’ve had 3 hot flashes in the last 4 days as opposed to 12 or more in one day. Just saying this is beginning to give me relief and therefore, my life back!”
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FAQ About Hormone Therapy

Why should I try Evernow?

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  • Over time, 80% of our members have complete relief from symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. And while no medical provider can promise that every single symptom will go away completely, we do promise to walk hand-in-hand with you while we work to bring you the relief you’re looking for.
  • At Evernow, we're doing telemedicine a little differently. Our membership provides access to medical providers through a practice called "asynchronous telemedicine." This means you don't need a specific appointment date or time—when you have a question, you message your provider through your account and they reply to you within a business day. We're excited about our approach because it gets you on the path to feeling better ASAP.

Does Evernow require bloodwork?

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  • Bloodwork is unnecessary for treatment of menopausal symptoms. Guidelines from The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) recommend treating patient symptoms rather than hormone levels in the blood. For more information, please read our article about why we are able to treat menopausal symptoms without blood testing.

Can I use insurance to pay for Evernow?

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  • We are not in network with insurance providers but we do accept FSA and HSA cards.

What are the ingredients in hormone therapy treatments?

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  • The only ingredient in our Estradiol patch and pill is bioidentical estrogen
  • Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are structurally the same as hormones produced naturally in the body. As you age, your body produces less estradiol and other estrogens. Taking estradiol helps address the symptoms of these changes in hormones.

Will it make me gain weight?

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  • Several studies over the past several years have shown that hormone replacement therapy can slow the creep of menopausal weight gain and redistribution in many women. During menopause, your body is doubling the rate at which it stores fat. Estradiol, the primary form of estrogen produced in women’s ovaries, may suppress appetite and increase feelings of satiety after a meal.
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